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Choosing the right new hire is a daunting task for the best managers. We’ve all been there. Someone did well in their interview, aced the test, and then two weeks into the job we’re all wondering “Who is this person?” After all the recruiting agency gave them a great recommendation. So how do you make the best hire?

  • Skill Set Verification
  • Reference Checks
  • Degree Verification
  • DISC Personality Assessment

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Introducing Our FACT Program

Skill Set FACTS

Each candidate has their skill sets verified by a one-on-one evaluator using our proprietary skill set evaluation process. Our process has been built over several years by industry professionals. Each of our evaluators must pass a rigorous exam and be certified prior to administering skill set verifications.

Reference FACTS

Each candidate must have a minimum of two previous supervisors that can vouch for their work ethic, character, and overall skills. We do not accept peer references, and we always verify the reference’s employment.

Education FACTS

One of the most commonly lied about items on a resume – degrees. If required, we verify degrees at the appropriate stage in the hiring process.

Personality FACTS

Although we never rely exclusively on personality tests, we do ask candidates to complete a short DISC profile assessment which gives us insights and a check against any internal biases an interviewer may have. If required, we can administer a DISC assessment at the appropriate stage in the hiring process.