I recently started using the Full Focus Planner by Michael Hyatt and shifted my entire goal setting, calendar, and planning to good old fashioned pen and paper. Several colleagues asked,

“Why lose out on all the convenience of automation, copy/paste functions, and on and on.”

They asked why take more time and go analog?

Here’s why:

  1. Less distractions equal clearer thoughts.¬†How many times do we actually get to leave the busy world we live in to really focus on what’s important and chart our course? Going analog takes us away from our electronics and all the distractions of our email, text messages, etc and gives us the time to clear our heads and think.
  2. Stay focused.¬†Being forced to write things down, sometimes more than once, really makes you think about how important each item and task really is. If it’s not important enough to spend the time writing it down (sometimes more than once), it’s not that important. We live in a world where we are driven to do every task that appears before us, but chasing everything often leads to accomplishing nothing. Staying focused is key.

Give it a try, reconnect with your thoughts this year, stay focused, and have the most productive year yet. Ditch the tech and go for the paper and pen.

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Cole Sperry
Managing Director