Recruiter On Demand

Compete for talent like a Fortune 500 Company.

Keeping a staff of recruiters isn’t practical for most organizations, but either is spending a small fortune on staffing firms. We can provide a team of experts to take care of all or some of the people, process, technology, strategy, onboarding, compliance, and employer branding.

  • Fixed, predictable monthly pricing that nets 5-7 placements for the price of one contingency staffing placement. Starting at less than $2,000 per placement.
  • Enjoy the benefits of a source-agnostic process and a complete candidate care process that drives candidates to your website and promotes your openings as your own brand, not a staffing brand.
  • Access over 3M candidates in our network, many of them prequalified to speed up your time to hire and reduce your overall costs and potential lost productivity.

Get your HR team and managers back to working on duties that are critical to your business. We’ll take care of the work of uncovering hiring needs, writing job descriptions, advertising your openings, sourcing, administering personality assessments, reference checks, and more.

Our Process

Core Areas of Expertise

  • Accounting / Finance
  • Supply Chain/ Logistics / Operations
  • Administrative
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Service
  • Sales / Estimation
  • Marketing
  • Project Management

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Recruiter On Demand Service


On Demand Solution

Competing with Larger Companies for Talent A team of experts to take care of the people, process, strategy of hiring, onboarding, and compliance to attract and find the best talent before your competition does.
Controlling/Reducing Recruiting Costs Fixed, predictable pricing that allows you to hire 5-7 candidates for the same cost as 1 contingent search. Often less than hiring an in-house recruiting team.
Finding Quality Candidates A source-agnostic process and the resources to speak to more candidates combined with our unique evaluation process puts the best in front of you.
Speed to Hire / Lost Productivity from Vacancies Access to over 3 million candidates, many prequalified, has given us an average of 5.8 days to fill your openings.
Flexibility for Hiring Fluctuations Turn on and turn off the service as you need it to reduce recruiting costs.
Not Enough time for Current Staff to Recruit We take on all the work of uncovering needs, writing job descriptions, advertising, and sourcing so your staff can focus on duties that are critical to your business.
Improving Your Employer Brand We promote your jobs and speak to candidates as your brand, not a staffing brand. Combined with a complete candidate care process, we can drive more traffic to your website and build positive public opinion around your organization.
Improving Hiring Manger Satisfaction We can provide training to your managers on how to conduct interviews and how to assess the value of candidates while keeping them abreast of the recruiting process so they never feel lost.