Candidate Services


Resume Audit

Have your resume audited by an experienced recruiter. We will check for grammar, formatting concerns, potential ATS and online application issues, and any red flags that may be preventing you from getting a phone call from your dream job.

Includes a 30-minute consultation where we will dig into your skill sets and help you think like a hiring manager. We point out the top things on the minds of managers that will be reviewing your resume and provide detailed recommendations on how to stand out from the crowd.

Resume Audit & Edit

Have your resume audited and edited by an experienced recruiter. We fix all grammar, formatting, and application issues.

Includes a 30-minute consultation where we dig into your skill sets and help you think like a hiring manger. We will then make changes to your resume based upon the information discovered during the call to highlight the skills and achievements that hiring mangers are looking for.

Afterwards we will provide an opportunity for feedback and a final edit as needed.

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Schedule a 30 or 60 minute mock interview with an experienced recruiter and former hiring manager. During the interview we will ask sample questions that you are most likely to be asked, discuss what hiring managers are looking for in these questions, review your responses, and practice your interviewing technique.

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Find out the average salary of any role in your marketplace and industry to position yourself to negotiate the best offer possible. Our salary surveys are done annually and by industry to provide you the most accurate information. In addition, get tips on how you can negotiate the highest possible salary.

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