Our team has reviewed thousands of resumes this past year and the vast majority of professionals don’t have concise and compelling resumes. Let’s face it – writing resumes, interviewing, selling yourself is not what you do every day and for many people, it’s not what they’re good at. You’re good at processing accounts payable, preparing accruals, and managing cash flow. Here are some things to consider when you’re looking to #upgradeyourcareer and start exploring new opportunities.

First, stop with the objective at the top of your resume. For the most part, these are generic statements and hiring managers have become immune to them. Instead, go for a concise and compelling summary of your skills and list some stats.

Focus on the things that matter in your resume. When you think of your accounts payable function, a few things come to mind.

  1. Accuracy. The number one goal is to make payments and accurate, on-time payments only happen with accurate error-free data entry. ex. Match and code 5,000 invoices monthly from key suppliers with 100% accuracy, ensuring all payments are made within contract terms.
  2. Efficiency. Can you do more than others? ex. Created a spreadsheet for tracking AP aging which reduced the time to produce aging reports and schedule invoices by 20%.
  3. Automation. What automation projects have you been involved with? ex. Part of Concur implementation which resulted in a $5 per-invoice savings on processing.

Think of examples of how you are the best at these three things and highlight them with statistics throughout your resume. You’re guaranteed to start grabbing the attention of leaders at companies you want to work for.

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