Optimal Talent

Nine out of ten customers end up hiring a professional that comes from our network. Our relationships with our candidate base run deep and have been built over many years. With access to over three million candidates, many prequalified, we have the network to deliver the best. We relentlessly pursue new relationships daily continuously adding to our existing network of the best up-and-coming professionals in the market. Furthermore, we stand behind our talent with a one year guarantee for all contingent placements.

Core Industry Verticals

  • Manufacturing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Construction
  • Distribution
  • Retail

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Interview to Placement Ratio:

Average Time to Fill:
5.8 days

Skill Set Focused

We focus on a particular set of skills within the verticals we work. Each candidate has their skills evaluated using our unique evaluation process that has been built over years of experience by individuals with real world experience in their respective fields. This allows us to build the best network of candidates with the most in-demand skills.

Candidate Centered

Because our customers’ success and ours depends on our ability to build relationships with professionals (many successfully employed), we dedicate many resources to managing the candidate experience. Our career coaches take a genuine interest in helping top talented individuals advance their professional lives. This has enabled us to deliver quality hires that are second to none.

Optimal Process

Compared with the industry average of 40+ days to fill a vacancy, we fill vacancies within 5-12 days for most roles. Our process and technology has created efficiencies that conventional approaches cannot compete with. Within hours we can place over 300 outbound calls, texts, and messages to pre-qualified candidates on your behalf and quickly, and accurately, narrow the market down to the best 3-5 individuals for your opening.

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% of Placements Retained at Year 1